Pre-Season Report

Friday, February 1, 2019 - 11:59 AM

Our pre-Xmas training phase was extremely positive. Our retention of players and being able to add Declan Mountford, Harry McCracken, Jack Bradshaw and Callan England plus a host of eager and talented colts boys has made it an exciting place to be. A number of new faces are having a crack as well and it wouldn’t surprise me to see a couple step up. Our post Xmas training has also started well.
Our only heartache this campaign came with the neck injury to Tom Curren. Thankfully he will make a full recovery, but it definitely took the wind out of our sails. Tom has had a significant impact on our football club and the way the whole club  has responded in his adversity with their support has been magnificent to witness.
The players to watch out for based on their training performances are as follows:

Dec Hardisty  - Has been fantastic. Really confident and looks like he’s going to another level in 2019.

Eddie Simpson  - Really puts in the work. Looks lean and strong and has been training well. Gives us a great ruck and tall forward option.

Jeremy Goddard - Working really hard. Durable and hardly misses a session. Covering the ground well for a big man and added a lot of aggression to his training as he fights for his spot.

Jack Lewsey  - Has gone to another level. Strong, fit, hard. It will be very tough to get a touch on this bloke in 2019.

Kaiden Gilbert  - Has not missed a thing and is really growing in confidence and belief. Fit, strong and developing leadership.

Tyron and Dylan Smallwood  - Big wood and little wood are really putting in. I expect big things from both lads if training is any indication.

Jack Monaghan  - Has probably been our most impressive graduating colt. Hasn’t missed a session. Works hard in the gym and will play a lot of senior football at Claremont.

Dec Mountford, Jared Hardisty and Alec Waterman  - Are teaming really well in the middle of the ground.

Bailey Bennett  - Has returned in super condition. Stronger and fitter and will also push hard for regular League selection.

Haydn Busher, Anton Hamp and Ian Richardson  - Have been the senior players who haven’t missed a beat and are setting themselves up for success this year.

Jack Bradshaw  - Has really committed and shown a lot of class. I’m expecting he will add a lot to our forward line with how he is buying in.
There has been quite a few lads returning from injury that are not too far away.
Bailey Rogers, Riley Morgan, Ryan Murphy, Alex Manuel, Jack Beeck, Jye Bolton, Fraser Gilbert, Matt Palfrey, Jacob Sideris, Jake Murphy, and Nick Winmar are all putting in the long hours in rehab to set themselves up for success.
The players and coaches are really driven to improve all aspects of our club. We want to continue to be more inclusive of all our people. Mums, Dads, family, wives, girlfriends, partners, past players young and old. We have an outstanding facility and great people who care, so hopefully we will see a lot more faces around the club in 2019.
Go Well,
Darren Harris
League Coach