Banfield wins 2017 E.B Cook Medal

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 - 3:47 PM

By Darren Harris 

Hello to all our Claremont supporters and members.

I just want to take the opportunity to again thank you for all your support and positivity this year and to reflect on season 2017 and the E.B. Cook medal night.

It was a great opportunity to thank everyone who played their part across the whole club. There is a lot of great people who all do their bit and enable us to exist. To have the awards in our new facility highlights again the effort made by all.

Bailey Banfield was an extremely deserving winner and one of the most popular outcomes I have witnessed to be honest. His season performances were consistently high. He was team first in all he did and set an example to our whole club well beyond his years in how to prepare effectively. Success occurs when preparation and opportunity meet and Bailey made sure he earnt his opportunity and then delivered week in and week out. His parents are undoubtedly proud of their son. The way he presented himself and spoke also set a great example and showed his level of maturity. He is a ripper.

It was such an even distribution of votes with hardly any separation between the next 10 to 12 place getters. Jye Boltons votes mirrored his Sandover votes. Once he played that team first role his performances improved and he stormed home. 2018 shapes as a massive opportunity for Jye to lead the way with this. Keifer Yu started the year and ended the year strongly considering the preparation he had due to injury. It was a great effort by Keif.  Haydn Busher stormed home and again sets himself up for a massive 2018.

The sacrificial Tiger award is one that is highly regarded at the club. Ian Richardson was our strongest leader this year and on and off field set the highest of standards. He was so consistent on field but It was his drive to win and increased demand on his mates to push harder that stood him apart from his peers. First on the track, last to leave, ticked all boxes from a preparation point of view and went above and beyond to bring people together off it. Outstanding effort.

Linked to this and presented by Chloe on behalf of all the support staff is the Engine Room award that was won by Jess Laurie. Jess brings positivity and energy to the whole club and epitomises the good men we want to be at our football club. To be recognised by our volunteers for his attitude is just reward for Jess who set a great example to all.

Jake Murphy announced that he will be stepping down as Captain. While he might not have the title, we know we still have a Captain there in Murph. Jake presented the Players Player award which is voted each week by the whole team on who gives the maximum team effort. It is recognition for living our values the most on field. That another graduating colt in Matt Guelfi, like Bailey won this award is another reflection on the quality development Warren and Ross have done with our Colts. 

Matt played some inspired football this year and his tackling, chasing, courage, and selflessness won him the absolute respect from his team mates.

Ryan Murphy won our best first year player on the back of an exciting first year after a break from football in 2016. Ryan really improved as the year went on and offensively was one of our most influential players. With a big pre-season and continued improvement Ryan will be one of the reasons this club will be successful.

Lauchie Martinis and Fraser House were the other winners of the B&F at development and colts level respectively. Both had outstanding years. Lauchie should become a regular in our League side in 2018 and we wish Fraser all the best as he heads East to further his studies. Both ripping young men.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge Ross McQueen and Keplar Bradley for their coaching efforts in 2017. Ross is an outstanding coach who could coach at any level in my opinion. The senior squad is the beneficiary of all his hard work to develop not only great people but quality footballers. We are very lucky to have him. And to Keplar who has one of the hardest jobs in football which is to motivate and keep positive players that at times aren’t happy with where they are as they strive to play League football. Kep continues to improve and is destined for greater things. I really appreciate the way they have got behind me and supported our philosophies. Well done to you both.

Bring on 2018!


Official Results as follows

LEAGUE E.B Cook Medalist - Bailey Banfield - 373 votes 

2nd Fairest & Best - Jye Bolton - 346 votes

3rd Fairest & Best - Keifer Yu - 344 votes

Sacrificial Tiger - Ian Richardson

Players Player - Matt Guelfi 

Best First Year Player - Ryan Murphy



Denis Marshall Trophy - Lachie Martinis

2nd Fairest & Best - Jacob Sideris 3rd Fairest & Best - Tom Shanahan


COLTS Tom Richardson Trophy - Fraser House

2nd Fairest & Best - Callan England

3rd Fairest & Best - Lewis Davis Colts

Encouragement Award - Jack Lewsey

Les McClements Trophy (Most Votes in the West Australian) - Jye Bolton

Engine Room Award – Jessie Laurie

Jeff Mazzini Trophy (leading goal kicker) - Beau Maister

George & Stan Mell Trophy (most votes across all grades) - Lachlan Martinis