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Tuesday, September 19, 2023 - 12:14 PM

The Claremont Football Club is calling for Nominations for Life Memberships and Merit Awards.


As per the Claremont Football Club Constitution;



8.7.1 Life Membership may be granted to any Member for especially meritorious service to the Club of not less than ten (10) years, upon recommendation by the Board and confirmed by a Special Resolution of Members present at an AGM.


8.7.6 The awarding of Life Memberships shall be limited to two (2) per year excluding Players who are deemed to be elected as Life Members



28.1 The Board may select in each year such person or persons as the Board thinks fit to receive a Merit Award.


28.2 A Merit Award shall be awarded for special services and assistance rendered to the Club by the recipient.


Claremont Members may submit a nomination before 6th November 2023 of no more than one page detailing a summary of service and notable achievements within the constitutional criteria outlined above.


Please send nominations through to Darcy Coffey -