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Tuesday, July 6, 2021 - 3:48 PM

Elements of our 2021 Indigenous Guernsey for NAIDOC Round, Saturday July 10 - 

Honey Ants/Ant Hole: We eat the hind side of the Honey Ant to get the honey out

Emu & Bush Turkey Footprints: Shows the bush tucker we hunt in our culture

Communities: Represents three seperate communitires neighbouring each other. Lines connected show travelling to each other

Blue curved lines: Implements the traditional CFC jumper design with added curves to show the clouds that are stretched out for kilometres and can be found in the WA Northern Central Desert. The clouds form as beautiful waves

Meeting Places: Two different teams coming to meet in the middle to battle it out like warriors. Both teams have their own journey and cross paths each year

Designed by Francis Watson.