Colts Pre-Season Report

Friday, February 8, 2019 - 9:54 AM

The Colts returned to training on Monday 14th January after a 3 week break over the Christmas period.
It was pleasing to see that majority of the playing group utilised their time away from the club to not only rest and relax with family and friends, but to work on physical improvements. A number of players posted personal best 2km time trial numbers upon returning to training and we have seen a large number of players ‘buying in’ to the gym programs developed by 3rd year S&C Coach Marlee Hedley.
From a footballing perspective, the squad has been training well and we are excited to see what the group can bring in 2019. Ross McQueen and his coaching staff have been working hard on the fundamentals of the game with kicking, handballing, marking, spoiling, ground balls and tackling drills featuring heavily in their sessions. Over the coming weeks they will start to place a greater emphasis on ball movement, structures and team defence as we look ahead to pre-season matches.
Our country zoned players have joined us over the holiday break with 10 Great Southern players and 2 Kimberley players making the transition to Perth. The off-field aspects of their transition are always the most challenging and important and we are working closely with a number of boys as they continue to seek out employment opportunities. As always, if any of our valued members can assist with employment options, please contact the club. We are certainly excited by this crop of aspiring country lads and we are looking forward to seeing which of the boys will break through and play some good footy in 2019 and beyond.
The Colts will play a scratch match v West Perth at HBF Arena (Joondalup) at 5:30pm on Friday 15th February with official pre-season fixtures set to start on Saturday March 16th.
Warren Parker
Claremont Talent Manager