A Message From Our New CEO

Friday, October 19, 2018 - 4:19 PM

Dear Members and Supporters,

Nearly 20 years ago I rolled through the doors on Davies Road for a crack at Colts footy, and whilst my playing career with the Tigers might not have been quite as long and illustrious as my predecessor, I certainly aim to emulate his contribution to the club off field. After spending the last 6 years in talent development and football administration at Claremont, I am extremely excited to be given the opportunity to lead the club into our new era and build upon the foundation set by Graham and our board in recent times. He has been a wonderful role model and mentor to me in his time back at the club and as he currently stretches his legs and sips a cerveza on a yacht on the Mediterranean, he should be very content that he has set the club up for every success.
With Darren committing to the club for a further two years and Kepler Bradley stepping into the role of Football Manager I have great confidence we will continue to see exponential improvement on field. Both our players drive to succeed and their age & games demographic has developed significantly over the past few years and I have no doubt we will be right in the mix in 2019 with Darren, Kepler and our outstanding leadership group led by Ian Richardson at the helm.
Off field, the new facility has been critical in shoring up our sustainability for years to come and I look forward to working closely with our tenants and cohabitants to make our Claremont on the Park precinct a thriving and vibrant community hub. Our revamped bar should certainly help with that so be sure to drop in for a drink in the weeks and months to come.
To our current Sponsors & Members, I look forward to working closely with you all to realise the potential of our wonderful club. You make the club what it is and we truly value your continued support. We are currently working feverishly on our new membership and sponsorship packages and look forward to presenting these in the coming weeks. To potential sponsors and members, I believe everyone in WA is at a minimum within a couple of degrees of separation from the mighty Tiges. We’re part of the fabric of WA footy. So whether your Pop played a couple of game of twos back in the day, or your son earned himself a 16s development squad jumper in 2018, or you were there in person to see Michael Mitchell take a screamer on Greg Wilkinson’s head back in ‘85 – we want you to get on board for next season. We love it down here, and I know you will too.

Darcy Coffey
Chief Executive Officer