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Exhibition match in Broome: Kimberley Spirit v Claremont Tigers

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - 12:33 PM
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Saturday 15th July 2017

Claremont Colts v Kimberley Spirit


4:00pm Bouncedown

The 2017 KRSP Cup marks the 4th year that the Claremont Colts have travelled to the Kimberley to play a competitive match against the Kimberley Spirit.

The concept was designed for a number of reasons, with the overarching objective being to enhance the opportunities and successes of Kimberley zoned players at the Claremont Football Club.

The Claremont Colts group, who will fly into Broome on Friday 14th July, will travel to the community of Beagle Bay (100kms North East of Broome) and spend time learning about the culture of the community and meeting some of the local kids and community members. A majority of the players have never been to the region and seeing life in one of the various communities is always a very educational experience.

Meanwhile, the Kimberley Spirit group, which consists of talented players from across the vast Kimberley region, will meet in Broome where they will begin a 3-day camp which includes a wide variety of workshops and training sessions that aims to educate the players in a variety of areas. Some of these areas include football development, nutrition, recovery, life skills, career development and team building which will be vital aspects of players lives both on and off the field should they continue to follow the elite football talent pathway.

Both groups will then meet in Broome on Saturday the 15th July where they will play each other in a competitive match which is always extremely interesting to watch. Both sides play vastly different brands of football where the Claremont’s WAFL influenced structured and disciplined brand of football meets the creativity, flair and dash of the Kimberley’s finest developing players.

The KRSP Cup will be awarded to the winning side with the Keifer Yu Medal being awarded to the best player on the ground during the match. The Keifer Yu Medal recognises the ongoing career of the Kimberley’s own Keifer Yu who has played over 120 combined WAFL League and Reserves matches for Claremont, making him one of the most successful players from the region at WAFL level.

The KRSP Cup sets a platform for education of players from the Kimberley Spirit and the Claremont Colts side which boasts representation from the Great Southern and Claremont’s Metro Zones.

From a Claremont point of view, the aim is to expose players and staff to the region and its vast differences in comparison to Perth and the Great Southern as well as the sacrifices and changes to lifestyle that players must make in order to relocate to Perth in pursuit of playing WAFL or AFL football. By seeing it first hand, we hope that they will be better equipped to offer support to those making this transition in their time at the club.

From a Kimberley point of view, the aim is to expose the players and staff to the expectations and standards of a WAFL Colts program and learn from those currently involved in that pathway as either players or coaching staff. By seeing how the Claremont side plays and carries themselves, the Kimberley players have a measurable to aim for when goal setting and planning for their potential relocation to Perth to enter this pathway. Education in areas such as career and life skills also gives the players every opportunity to develop some of the areas that they will need to be successful on and off field.

None of this is possible without contributions from generous and likeminded people and organisations and without the sponsorship and contribution made by KRSP to the initiative it simply would not go ahead. The Claremont Football Club and Kimberley Spirit would like to extend a big thank you to KRSP for all of their support in making this a reality for both squads.

“The KRSP Cup match against Claremont FC’s Colts team plays a pivotal role in the Kimberley Spirit Football Academy program and development of U/18 talented male Kimberley footballers. A key objective of our program is to provide opportunities to the participating players to become the best they’re capable of becoming. These opportunities come in a variety of forms including teaching basic life skills, career development workshops, mental wellbeing education and a high-performance football program. The KRSP Cup is more than a match to our players and on behalf of Garnduwa I’d like to thank Kimberley Regional Service Providers for providing this opportunity to the Kimberley Spirit Football Academy.” – Shaun Norman, Garnduwa | Kimberley Spirit Program Coordinator

“The KRSP Cup gives the Claremont Football Club a unique opportunity to offer our Colts players and staff an experience in the Kimberley region. This experience will help to educate our group to the challenges facing our Kimberley players when they relocate to Perth to pursue opportunities at our club and in turn allow our players and staff to offer support to these players and assist in their success. The Kimberley is rich with talented footballers and a very important to the Claremont Football Club as a country zone. Players such as Sam Petrevski-Seton, Francis Watson & C.J. Oakley have in past years represented the Kimberley Spirit in the KRSP Cup and gone on to achieve goals both at WAFL and AFL level. This platform is not only a great experience for our Colts group, but also an important step in the pathway for many aspiring young Kimberley based footballers.” – Warren Parker, Claremont Football Club | Talent Manager




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